Infrastructure First

Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site.

We are a group of Residents in West Sussex and Surrey Counties who simply want to help make our local neighbourhoods a better place in the future for our families and visitors.

We believe the foundation for that future lays with less traffic congestion, available school places and better health facilities.

So if you agree that our local Infrastructure (i.e. local roads, schools and health facilities) are already OVER STRETCHED, then we need PEOPLE POWER to help change our politicians out of touch infrastructure policy and ensure a commitment to infrastructure comes BEFORE granting permission for more new homes.

By making on going objections to ALL major upcoming planning applications we can all help bring pressure on Mid Sussex CC, West Sussex CC and Surrey CC to be accountable for failing to address Infrastructure before development.

So if you agree, all you have to do is sign up BELOW and an automated email will register your objection against each major planning application that continues to ignore Infrastructure.

It is important for us to gather support and make use social media, so please TEXT or EMAIL this secure web site link to as many of your friends, family and neighbours as you can

If you are familiar with Twitter please also show your support by following us at @infrastructure8

Lets use PEOPLE POWER to change Government and Local Authority thinking

Thank you for your support



Sign up to Infrastructure First and help change Local Authority thinking

Dear Infrastructure First

I would like to support your worthy campaign to encourage Government and Local Authorities to put Infrastructure (i.e. school places, traffic and health) before new development.
Please add me to your mailing list so that I have the opportunity in the future to return to your site here and object to major planning applications that ignore Infrastructure.

Thank you


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